Blessed Unravelling

Finding Joy in Letting Go

The Agony of Letting Go

I’m more familiar with the agony of letting go than I’d like to be. The journey to finding joy in letting go is long, hard, and only possible through Jesus.

The irony of this post’s title, “The Agony of Letting Go,” doesn’t escape me. It’s in direct contrast to the tagline for my blog, which is, “Finding Joy in Letting Go.” It also appears to contradict my blog’s misspelled title, “Blessed Unravelling.” So which is it, anyway… agony or joy? The simplest answer is… both. I would like to say that the day-to-day process of giving over to God my.. Read More

A Cautionary Tale (or Tail?)

I received a cautionary message from God as I was out walking. It reminded me that things are not always what they seem... especially in my heart.

I had recently gotten bored with my regular walking routine and decided to head out into a different neighborhood. Striding along, I admired the beautiful landscaping that surrounded the approach to the underpass that was part of my new route. The carefully arranged trees and flowering bushes were a lovely complement to the beige and rose-colored stone that decorated this portion of the new highway. As I entered the underpass.. Read More

When You Feel Like You Have Nothing Left

When you feel like you have nothing left, physically or emotionally, there's a tendency to give up. Jesus has the answer for us in His word... hope in Him.

It wasn’t until I sat down with my oncologist’s nurse for the first time that I began to have an inkling of how much my life was going to change over the coming months. She was going through a questionnaire to establish a baseline for various physical and emotional symptoms that my doctor would use to evaluate how I was holding up during my chemo treatment. It was pretty straightforward.. Read More