Blessed Unravelling

Finding Joy in Letting Go

My God is Good… all the Time

Our God is good... but do we say that when times are hard? Our words should reflect that we believe in God's goodness all the time.

My recent trip to the the emergency room occurred five days after my surgery. I was sore, tired, and not in the mood to leave the comfort of my home. However, my husband and daughter had insisted we call the doctor to report the strange (and what I thought of as kind of amusing) symptoms I was experiencing. Upon hearing what was going on the doctor ordered us to go.. Read More

A Bump in the Road

My bump-in-the-road moment arrived with the unwelcome news that the cancer had spread.

Pain and confusion swirled through me as I gradually became aware of my surroundings in the recovery room. A longing for my husband’s presence formed my first coherent words, “Please, would you get my husband?” When he arrived a few minutes later my mind drifted to the question that had dominated my mind for the five months leading up to my bilateral-mastectomy. “Did any of the lymph-nodes the doctor removed have cancer.. Read More

Coming Alive to the Beauty Within

God has placed a longing for beauty within the hearts of women. He also provided the means for every woman to be everlastingly beautiful through His son.

Since I am known for being a voracious reader the selection of a book as a gift for me is usually a pretty safe bet. But not this time. I gazed at the title, Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul, by John and Staci Eldredge, in dismay. Although I knew my daughter and son-in-law meant well, I was not looking forward to reading this particular book. I had heard of.. Read More