Blessed Unravelling

Finding Joy in Letting Go

Bathed in His Love

God's love surrounds me whether I am aware of it or not. But sometimes Jesus blesses me with a literal experience of being bathed in His love!

My silent prayer, “Jesus, help me,” came from a place of excruciating embarrassment. I was in the process of screwing up my courage to remove the last article of clothing covering my middle-aged body in the locker room of a jjimjilbang (public bathhouse) in South Korea. Gritting my teeth, I slowly pulled my top off, feeling naked in more ways than one. It wasn’t just the fact that I felt.. Read More

He Calls Me by Name

A seemingly innocent dislike of my name covered up truths that I believed about my identity that God wanted to reveal... and heal.

Maybe you’re one of the fortunate ones. You know… the type of person who entered the world brimming with self-confidence. Or perhaps you were blessed with a compelling personality that drew people to you without any effort on your part. In short, you assumed, without having to think much about it that you were welcome and even more marvelous… wanted everywhere you went. I came into awareness of myself with.. Read More

What Comes Next?

The desire to know what comes next often stems from a deeply entrenched fear of the unknown. Only a deep trust in Jesus can give us hope for the future.

Many years ago when one of my darling red-haired boys was a toddler he would invariably ask while I was tucking him into bed at night what we were going to be doing the next day. In fact, his question became as much a part of our night-time routine as brushing teeth, reading a Bible story, prayers, and hugs and kisses. For some reason, even though I should have seen.. Read More